About Us

Zeta Technology Group is a research & development firm that prides itself on the creation of cutting edge health & well-being products that promote accelerated recovery and provide natural relief from pain, stress and fatigue. Zeta's technology centers around its discovery of a new, energy-emitting material trade named Thermide® that took 8 years to develop. This material combines the traditions of Eastern medicine with the proven science of Western physics. There are no other technologies of this kind that operate at this level.

Thermide® behaves like a hand held lightning rod. Just as a lightning rod attracts energy from the sky coming to the earth and then transfers that energy into a different form, Thermide® attracts much of the energy from the body and environment surrounding it and then converts that energy as well. However, the energy converted by Thermide® is in a usable form. It effectively emits a mild Far Infrared (FIR) energy directly to the area of discomfort and at the same time, provides comfort, support and relief in minutes.