Zeta Product – How To Use:

Zeta Touch Stone or any other clay based Zeta Product can be used as an alternative to cold therapy, heat therapy or both.  Many Zeta products offer the added feature of advanced acupressure design.

For immediate cold therapy and heat therapy, keep your Zeta product(s) in the refrigerator or freezer or chill it with an ice cube for 10-20 seconds.    It will feel cold on the skin at first, and then will warm to body temperature as it starts to generate a natural form of heat.  If your Zeta product is too cold, place a thin cloth or paper towel between the Zeta Product and your skin.  Repeat the process as desired.

Zeta Touch Stone – Acupressure Style
The Zeta Touch Stone was engineered to respond very quickly to both heat and cold. 
Use the small and large Zeta Touch Stones to decrease swelling or general discomfort, grip strength, dexterity, mobility, and fine and improving gross motor skills.

Zeta Touch Stone – mini  should be used for precise acupressure on the go. 
The Zeta Touch Stone (mini) should be applied directly to the area of pain or discomfort (or pressure point) with medical tape or support wrap.

Zeta Acupressure Ball
Use the  Zeta Acupressure Ball is an acupressure tool for hand therapy, acupressure, and as a massage tool.  Use for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stroke recovery, stress reduction, strengthening and more.   The Zeta Acupressure Ball has an increased surface area allowing for stronger emission and offers a softer response to heat and cold.
The Zeta Acupressure Ball - Mini is a small, highly effective acupressure tool that can be taped to areas of discomfort (with medical tape) or slipped under a support wrap for acupressure on the go.   It has high emission and a stronger response to heat and cold.

Zeta Triggerpoint
The Zeta Trigger Point is a 6 point acupressure tool that can be used in massage therapy or acupressure therapy.  Pressure points come in a range of shapes and sizes.  Some pressure points are difficult to access with your fingertips because they are small, about one-eighth of an inch across and located in natural dips in tendons or bone structure.  The Zeta Triggerpoint is precision engineered to meet the challenges encountered in true acupressure therapy. The Zeta Triggerpoint was designed to be easy to hold for both self therapy and applying acupressure to patients.  The Zeta Triggerpoint was precision engineered to be hypersensitive to heat and cold and is available in both consumer and professional grades.

Zeta Insole
Zeta Insoles are trim to fit for men and women (from women’s size 5 to men’s size 14)
The Zeta Insole is the most remarkable pressure point relieving shoe insole on the market.  Engineered to remain body temperature but still offer strong emission, the Zeta Insole was designed with hundreds of bubble springs that offer perfectly spaced, pinpointed acupressure nodules that contour to the fine details of the foot.   The durable design of the Zeta Insoles include a network of micro holes and stilts for a unique, built-in air circulation system.  They are intended to replace an existing insole but are sleek enough to fit on top of many orthotics. 



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