Zeta Bath Boost

Zeta Bath Boost: Energize any bath, large or small, with Far-Infrared and Negative Ions

The Zeta Bath Boost is used to turn any ordinary bath into the equivalent of a Far-Infrared Sauna for pennies on the dollar. A Zeta Bath will relax the muscles and joints, calm your mind, detoxify, stimulate circulation and clear your lymph system. 

Instructions are simple: just add the Zeta Bath Boost to any bath, large or small. It’s GREAT for soaking feet, hands, elbows or the entire body.


  • The deep muscle relaxation associated with good far infrared and hot baths helps to reduce cramps, tension headaches and improves muscle elasticity.
  • Increased circulation of the lymph system required for the sweating process helps to clear the system of toxins and create a free-flowing system to remove toxins, bacteria and viruses from the body.
  • Increased blood circulation improves all bodily systems by increasing the rate of nourishing blood cells to damaged tissue.
  • Add oils, Epsom salts or other bath additives. Zeta’s “boost” is safe to use with other products.
  • Improve immune system to help fight infection and colds. The vascular and lymph system stimulation decreases your risk of colds and infection by stimulating the immune system to improve the ability of your body to destroy the bacteria and virus cells that can make you sick. 

Zeta Bath Boosts are available in:

  • Single count vials
  • 3 count vials
  • 6 count vials
  • 48 vials jars
  • 8oz bottles
  • 32oz bottles

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