Online Sales and Marketing Support

It is very important to help the audience to find the products and services that are right for them depending on their individual requirements. Choose the best health product development company to satisfy your health care needs. Zeta Technology Group offers a wide range of features that let your e-sales representatives listen to what customers want, guide them to an engaging product, and provide demonstrations for their satisfaction. We offer full online sales support so your reps can simply focus only on selling and closing deals.

During the online sales support, we help our clients in the following aspects:

1. Web Development

The foundation of all successful sales funnels is a professionally engineered website. In this phase, top-notch designing team of health product development will help you in the following process:

  • Build your brand presence by promoting your products and services online.
  • Place all the required details on your website about the products and services you wish to sell.
  • Make it easy for your customers to contact you in case of queries and concerns.

    In this process, we keep in mind how interactive and useful the website is for users when they visit through browsers and other devices.

    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The experts at our health product development company involves in manufacturing and producing high-quality products that satisfies customer needs and meets industry standards. Zeta Technology Group will improve your company’s online presence in a manner that will give you more exposure, increase user traffic, and better-qualified clients. Our process has four phases:

    • Review: we perform a manual website review along with competitive analysis to assess opportunities for improvement.
    • Plan: we present findings and recommendations, such as a proposed approach, budget, and timeline to boost online visibility and leads.
    • Implement: we implement the plan and keep the client abreast of progress, issues, and obstacles that come along the way.
    • Measure: we measure the outcomes and plan, as needed, to make changes in the business, marketplace, and search environment.


    We also make use of effective tools and proven strategies to help businesses rank higher in the search results.

    3. Digital Marketing

    It is hard to know where to begin when developing a digital marketing strategy due to the sheer variety of platforms, mediums, and channels. Our team will devise a custom-tailored digital marketing solution using different types of methods, including:

    • Web ads
    • Social media
    • SEO
    • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Email
    • Other forms of digital communication


    At, Zeta Technology Group we strive to bring together customers, sellers, and service providers by promoting communication and achieving results beneficial to everyone involved in the sales cycle. We are the leading health product development and marketing firm that innovate the best medical device and promote amongst the new target market.